Mentor of KoreaSonyeodul

When we had just begun working on our project, team Korea_U_Seoul advised us about the specifications of the competition and gave us tips on time management and experimental procedure. Then both teams gave presentations on their project and had a discussion session afterwards.


Representative of BGU: Noa Weiss contacted us first on September 22nd when she first inquired about our project details on our official Facebook page and informed us about the variety of mutations they have been working on. Since they were working with the same protein chain as we were, we decided to exchange protocols for each other’s enzymes. When we sent them our PETase model, they were glad to practice mutations on it and sent them kindly back for our testing. The current testing, because of the late contact we had with BGU, is still under process. BGU also sent us a prototype TPA(Terephthalic acid) detection protocol that they had created, which we could use to possibly detect any signs of PET degradation.