Report Journal

Day Description Contents Participants
March 11th Brainstorming Contents All Members
March 18th Inquiry of potsntial supervisors/campaign report Contents All Members
March 23rd Competition
Decide on the subject of the project: Mealworm’s degradation of plastic All Members
March 25th Planning Specifically plan out Experimental Methods and Procedures All Members
March 29th Order Mealworms Order Mealworms Seunghee Han
March 31st 1st Experiment 4g of Styrofoam, three sub-experiments each have a control and experimental containers with 20 mealworms each:
Cool vs. Warm
Light vs. No Light
With other food vs. Just plastic
All Members
April 7th 2nd Experiment Check on the progress of the three experiment/document results Soomin Lee Yemi Shin Jimin Sun Heesun Sim
April 14th 3rd Experiment Check on the progress of the three experiment/document results Jungeun Huh Seunghee Han S. Kang
April 21st 4th Experiment Check on the progress of the three experiment/document results Soomin Lee Yemi Shin Jimin Sun Heesun Sim
May 15th Twitter Account/Contact Professor Created Twitter/Contacted Professor for advice Yemi Shin
June 1st Team Meeting Revise Plans, and further specify plans, but couldn’t work with DNA synthesis because the kit had not arrived.
Realizing our significant shortness of genetic knowledge. decided to host a mini-bio forum where we would read the Bio-tech chapter of the Campbell textbook and present
All Members
June 13th Mini-Bio Forum Each one of us presented different sections of the Bio-Tech chapter. All Members
July 13th Arrival of the DNA kit DNA kit finally, finally arrived Soomin Lee
July 8th 1st Visit to Professor Got advice for our project in the future, talked about ways in which the lab could support our project All Members
July 8th Collaboration with Korea University Team Presentation of both team’s subjects and time for giving advice All Members
July 11th Meeting with Professor Cho Before this official meeting, we only had communications throughout e-mails with our instructor, who is a synthetic biology professor in Korea University. In this meeting in the Korea University, we specified the experiments that we will conduct. Then, we planned the specific dates of experiment All Members
August 12th Planning the experiment Seunghee Han and Yemi Shin visited the Korea University to discuss about how we are going to further the experiment. At first our team put the main focus on enhancing the speed of degradation. However, after talking with professor Choi, we’ve decided to recombine the mealworm’s gut dna, DH5+alpha and PUC 19. We also scheduled our experiments Seunghee Han Yemi Shin
August 16th Chemical Transformation We transfomed E-coli, DH5-alpha using PUC19 in Korea University Seunghee Han Soomin Lee
August 26th Mealworm Related Measurements After feeding 40 mealworms with only plastic for 5 weeks, we measured the length and the weight of the 20 samples. The average weight is 0.177g per worm and the original length is about 3+- 0.4cm. Compared to the original length 2+-0.2cm, it is noticeable that mealworms are possible to continue their lives with plastics as their only source of nutrient S. Kang Jungeun Huh Jimin Sun
September 9th Visited the Korea University to practice E-coli cell streaking. Did the three sector T streak. Organisms are streaked through the first sector using either a disposable loop or needle, or a reusable loop, usually with nichrome or platinum wire, and then passed through a Bunsen burner for sterilization Seunghee Han Yemi Shin
September 22nd Chemical Transformation of E.coli Visited Korea University and experimented the chemical transformation of the e.coli strain DH5 alpha and pBBRMCS2-Pcon-yfaL-PETase Seunghee han Jeongeun huh
October 7th Checking and Marking off the Judging form Together with our TA, we completed our Judging Forms and organized all the final materials needed for the Giant Jamboree Soomin Lee Seohyun Kang
October 10th Semi-final check Again with the TA we submitted all the parts to the registry (PETase) and double checked the wiki Yemi Shin JImin Sun
October 16th Final check Final check of the wiki, made revisions Yemi Shin Heesun Sim