Members of KoreaSonyeodul

HAFS is...

   Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies is a private boarding school located in the northern part of Yongin, South Korea, and is the first Korean high school formed by a collaboration between the government and the university. It is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Korea, renowned for its high academic level and successful college admission results.

Soomin Lee

Team Manager/Lab participant

As a team leader, I will try to check the overall progress of every part in the project. But, I will always try to respect our teammates to effectively conduct our experiment and project. By collaborating with our teammates, I will try to alleviate the overwhelming plastic problem through accelerating the plastic degradation with mealworms.

Heesun Sim

Wiki/Design manager

I will work on team’s design and programming. By deliberately capturing the team’s atmosphere, I will try to effectively highlight the team’s characteristics in our design. Also, I will enhance the visual accessibility of several designs and support the programming and coding in team’s wiki. Furthermore, I will put my effort in team ppt, video, or several posters to develop the project in several areas.

Jimin Sun

Fundraise manager/Mealworm observer

I will try to passionately involve in the research and experiment. I will actively engage in not only the planning stage, but also in demonstrating the experiment. Also, I will deliberately review and plan the experiment in order to have an achieved result with active collaboration between our team members.

Jungeun Huh

Dry lab manager(Archive manage, Data analyze)/Mealworm observer

I will precisely plan the experiment in order to get a strategic experiment result. Also, in the process of the experiment, I will try to satisfy and fulfill the project’s purpose and goal through stable progress of the experiment and systematically analyze the results. I fulfill my required part after effective distribution of role between team members.

Seohyeon Kang

Fundraise manager/Mealworm observer/Wiki manager/Design assistant

I will try to prevent financial issue of conducting the experiments through active funding. Also, I will try to precisely research and systematically conduct the experiment to gain better result for our project. Moreover, I will try to prevent the world from suffering the overloading plastic problem. This will enhance the future into a better experiment.

Seunghee Han

Lab participant/Scheduler/Vice team manager

I will destroy every plastic in the world!

Yemi Shin

Wet lab manager/Contact manager/Lab participant

As a student actively engaged in science, I am always concerned in environmental issues and have passion in science. Since this project is related to my future major, I will actively participate in this project.