Funding was a vital factor in sustaining our project; there was many restraints that our team had as high school students. Among various human practices that we progressed throughout several months, funding was one of the most important gains that we had. One of the most obvious means to engage the public in the project was funding: a mean for the public to directly support us. Our team searched for few websites that could provide us an opportunity to let public know of our project, and fund us if they were interested in it. Tumblbug provided us a chance to present our project to the public. For this, we appealed to the public by stressing what good deeds we are doing to the environment, by creating a better system of plastic degrading through bioengineering. The result of the funding surely indicated that many people were engaged in our project, and wanted to be a part of it; the first day we launched our funding, over $1,000 was funded which was over our final goal. Our funding project was shared over Facebook and twitter for about 200 times. There were also comments that gave supporting messages. Not only did our team engage in funding, but we also gained support from companies who were interested in our project. OCI, one of the leading companies in promoting green energy and chemical technologies, lend a hand to be our sponsor in funding, and also providing a laboratory in Sungnam-Si whenever we need a place to conduct an experiment.


Team KoreaSonyeodul has a Facebook pagewhere we put informations of our project such as campaigns. We thought Facebook might be a useful tool to reach public directly and fastly.

Twitteralso was another tool used to engage with another IGEM teams and to reach the public.