Attributions - NEU-China

General Support

  • Master Minghui Li
  • Master Jiamei Li
  • Master Lanjign Ma
  • Ph.D Student Chao Li
  • Ph.D Student Chenhao Suo
  • Ph.D Student Tianshu Sun
  • Ph.D Student Wei Du

Project support and advice

  • Professor Chen Ding

Fundraising support

  • Jiayi Li: To help us connect with sponsors.
  • Zhanyou Wang: To help us connect with sponsors.
  • Hongqiang Qi: To organize the budget of the project, submit an expense account, and prepaid listing.
  • Office for the President of Northeastern Universityof China
    International Office of Northeastern University of China
    Educational Administration Office of Northeastern University of China
    Finance Department of Northeastern University of China
    College of life and health sciences Northeastern University of China

Lab and equipment support

  • Professor Chen Ding: To provide full support of lab and equipment.
  • Master Yanjian Li: To teach us how to work in the biology lab.
  • Ph.D Student Hailong Li: To help us to find talent about design wiki and help provide suggestions when we meet with difficulties in the experiment.
  • Master Meiling Xin and Ph.D Student Xindi Gao: To solve the protein of Yeast and so on.
  • Master Tingying Xu: To provide some plasimd.

Wiki support

  • Zhao Li
  • Yukai Duan

DNA Sequences

  • GENEWIZ: To sequence our plasmids and creating our primers
  • IGEM KIT: To provide some important parts for us
  • Yanjian Li: To teach us how to use GENEWIZ

Material support

  • Geshare company: To buy plasmids that come from Bin Liu.
  • Sigma-Aldrich: L-(+)-Arabinose
  • Takara Bio: Reverse Transcription System、Restriction enzyme
  • Omega:Plasmid Mini KitⅠ(200)、Cycle Pure Kit (200)

Presentation coaching

  • Professor Chen Ding

Human Practices support

  • Bin Song
  • Zexu Li
  • Chunxiao Ren
  • Weifeng HU
  • Yan Li
  • Liu Yang
  • Yuru Hu
  • Tan Jin
  • Congcong Bai
  • Xiaoxu Jia