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Investigate the biology of public interest

In summer we do a lot of synthetic biology experiments, and how to let the public to participate in us? We have done a series of activities for this. We first collect the issues of public interest by the way of street survey (Click to Download) and online questionnaire.

Finally, we collected 308 questionnaires and made the following statistics.

Figure 1: data description

Public little understand about synthetic biology, even if the staff engaged in biological work is not deep understanding of this.

At the same time, according to the data, the public is more interested in the issue of genetically modified foods, antibiotics, artificial organs, these three aspects. We will use the opportunity to get back to the street and promote our project.

Feedback and Propaganda


Through literature search and ask the teacher and so on, we will be concerned about the problem of sorting out the answer, in the form of leaflets to the public to answer their questions of interest.

Chinese Leaflet (Click to download) English Leaflet (Click to download)

Street show

We show the secrets of living outdoors to the public. Click here to learn more about these outreach efforts.

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Humans often claim to be the king of Earth. In fact, the tiny bacteria is the real leading role behind the scenes manipulation. Nobody knows how many bacteria there are in the life. As for the benefits and hazards of bacteria, people know poorly about them. In order to let us learn more about knowledge of the biology.

The invisible life

We show the usual living in the air of bacteria, through the naked eye to observe.In fact, there are bacteria everywhere. In order not to let people feel fear, we deliberately used bacteria painting on media , full of artistic breath, and to show that these tiny lives. At the same time, we respectively coated bacteria to the resistant and not resistant medium, to spread the huge role of antibiotics.And correct understanding of antibiotics.

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Micro world

In our eyes, there is always a flaw in the world. We have specially borrowed a microscope and some organ sections from the teaching experiment center, which has aroused public concern. Whether adults or children are deeply attracted by the microscopic world. In the activity, we have attracted the attention of biological researchers. They listened carefully to the knowledge about the synthetic biology and the iGEM contest.

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PH of water

Water is the source of life. We can't live without water. The water we drink in our lives is weakly acidic or weakly basic? We all don't know. So we show people the pH of the bottled water in life, through a simple experiment.

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Long-term environmental protection activity

We set up a recycling area in the teaching building. Used for long term recovery of drugs and used batteries. A button battery discarded in nature, can pollute 600 thousand liters of water, equivalent to a person's life with water, and China consumes such battery 7 billion. Made a contribution to environmental protection.

Figure 2: Drug recycling bin