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About NEU-China

Our team is NEU-China.
There are 13 undergraduate students and 2 instructors. We come from different specialty. Three classmates are from Software College. Others major in Biological engineering. Hongqiang Qi is the vice president of Life Science and Health College. Professor Chen Ding is deputy director of the Neuroscience Institute. We are family.

Our Team

Experiment Group

My name is Zexu Li and I'm a junior undergraduate from Northeastern University, majoring in bioengineering. I participating in NEU-China 2016 iGEM. My primary projects were color oscillator design and team management. I am very interested in molecular biology and will potentially do a Master of Research in it.

Chunxiao Ren(任春晓)

A junior student majoring in bioengineering. She is responsible for the construction of the key plasmids. She is very passionate about reaserch, especially about nuroscience. Besides biology, she also loves playing ping pong and swimming. Her motto is “Once you have a dream, never give it up easily. Your dream might not come true in one day or two, but it will someday.”

She is a student from College of Life Science and Health who majors in biological engineering. She is responsible for communication among the members, posting tasks, data collection, human practice and many more activities. What's more, she assists other students to complete the experiment. Her motto is luminescence maybe is not gold.

Weifeng Hu(胡伟锋)

As a commen undergraduate, he majors in bioengineering in the Northeastern University. His work is to construct the light-inducible gene activated plasmid and to test the function of the most of parts came from the different ways. He is one of the core members of the team. Being interested in the field of gene editing, he wants to study and share ideas with other iGEMer during this competition. It has always been his wathwords that keep on denying until you prove it right.

My duty was collecting the reference and data of experiments and confirming the goal of the project. At same time, I offered to help my  teammate doing experiment at the early stage, and we solved many peoblems duaring the experiment. I like to play games and read novels, and I really hope to became a scientist. My motto is "The good seaman is known in bad weather". 

Congcong Bai(白聪聪)

Bai Congcong is a very out-going girl with big smile on her face at any time. She is one of the main members of synthetic group. Her work is the design of biosynthesis and the record of log about team's work. Music is her favorite and she is really good at it. Besides, she is crazy about creating and designing new things, which are full of imagination. Whatever comes to her, she can figure it out without fear. Confidence and optimistic is her attitude toward life.

Xiaoxu Jia(贾晓旭)

My name is Jia Xiaoxu and I’m a member of our team which is working on this genetic project. I dealed with some pre-experiments at the early stage of the project. Later, I participated in the discuss on how to adapt our findings to normol life effectively, which turned out to be the most vital part of the whole project. Simultaneously, I offered to do some translation from wiki pages for my teammates.

Information Group

Tan Jin(晋谈)

My name is Jin Tan, I am good at searching for different kinds of messages, so i am mainly in charge of collecting and interpreting the info about iGEM. Over the past one year, I look through the wiki homepages of many iGEM teams, Learn their design ideas, and get our own inspiration. To introduce myself, I am a introverted person, I like biology, but also willing to devote most of their time to this work on, and I thought fine, of all kinds of information of particularly high sensitivity, resulting in I to the surrounding environment changes particularly keen. I especially love a word, now want to share with you: Nothing is difficult in the world if you put your heart into it.

Yuru Hu(胡钰茹)

My name is Hu Yuru, a number of our team which is working on this genetic project. Our experiment is divided into many stages, my teammates jointly conducted preliminary experiments to collect and exchange information, before the start of the experiment, we discussed together with the experimental feasibility analysis of experimental research directions. I am a typical Aries, frank, optimistic, not afraid of difficulties. Known to us, the process of biological research is full of fun, but this process is also accompanied by failures and many times of repetitions. In my submission, getting the desired results in many failures, finding an interesting phenomenon, is the biological charm.

Liu Yang(杨柳)

I'm Yangliu, a member of our team. I took part in the discussion about the originality and feasibility of our team and did researches for literature and experiments. I'm curious and fond of calligraphy with colorful ink. That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life is my motto. Hope world peace:-).

Wiki Group + Art & Design Group

Zhao Li(李钊)

Major: Software Engineering & Japanese
I'm one of the builders of wiki in our iGEM team. I have gained some experience in dealing with microRNA, and now focus on machine learning. For me iGEM was a special memory, I made many excellent friends of the School of Biology, I will cherish this time.

Yukai Duan(段育凯)

Yukai Duan(Wiki editor in the team, personal blog, born in Shenyang, Liaoning in 1996. Native of Zhangjiakou, Hebei. Now studying undergraduate courses in Northeastern University(China), majoring in Software Engineering. Enthusiastic about Software Development, especially Web Front-ends Development. Once involved in the 2015 version of the university portal website development. Operated several tiny websites including a Wiki site of poetry. Having enough ability in HTML, CSS and Javascript for Wiki editing. Aspiring to be more knowledgeable in the field of computer science.

Ye Huang(黄也)

I as a art designer in the team, responsible for the poster design, website design, Team clothing design, logo design, etc. I like design and art, them can bring people the most simple and unadorned, the most ordinary but what passes stylist hand processing can show more vitality.
I do believe I possess lots of assets. First,my ability to stick to things to get them done, I never give up.Second, I am independent, and always try to find a better way to solve 
problem. Third, I am able  to work under high pressure and time limitation. I've won the first prize of MCM/ICM, first-class scholarship and several other scholarship. I always set high goals for myself.
Hoping that I can make the world a better place with my knowledge.

Hongqiang Qi
The vice dean of Life Science and Health College. He received his BMS and MMS degree in School of Humanities and Law, Northeastern University. He has been working in Northeastern University for 13 years since 2003. He is our team leader and is in charge of contacting with NEU committee.
Prof. Chen Ding
Youth distinguished professor vice director of Neuroscience Institute
Professor Ding received his B. Sc. and Ph. D. in molecular microbiology from Conway Institute at University College Dublin, and a post-doc train from Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University. Professor Ding joint Northeastern University, Shenyang in 2013, and became a full professor in 2014. Professor Ding serves as our experimental supervisor, involving in the discussing the project, supervising experiments and lab safety, and providing lab space and reagents.

We are the undergraduate team from the Northeastern University (NEU). Founded in April 1923, NEU is one of the prestigious universities in China, boasting its rich cultural deposit and glorious patriotic tradition. In its history of more than 90 years, by keeping pace with the national development and rejuvenation, NEU has been following its motto of “seeking unremitting self-improvement, and integrating knowledge and action”. And we are part of college of life and health science. It has five research institute and the three public service platform, and establishing modern teaching experiment center and perfect teaching and scientific research, management and service system.

In the process of the whole project, we use the laboratory of professor Ding in NEOROSSCIENCE INSTITUTE. We also used the research lab of DING for the procedures that requires advances machines and apparatuses.