The Parts we used to build our circuit.

The Parts Pitt iGEM developed over the summer are listed below. Take a look by following the provided links.

Part Name

Part Description

Part Number

T3 Promoter Promoter for the T3 RNA Polymerase BBa_K2084000
T3 RNA Polymerase Encodes the T3 RNAP BBa_K2084001
pT7 Toehold Regulatory ribosome binding site with T7 RNAP promoter BBa_K2084002
pT7 Regulated T3 RNA Polymerase pT7-Toehold, T3 RNAP, and terminator for controlling and regulating sequences with a T3 RNAP promoter BBa_K2084003
pT3 with RBS T3 promoter with an RBS site added BBa_K2084004
pT7 Toehold Regulated LacZ BBa_K2084002 with a mutagenized lacZ BBa_K2084005
pT3 Controlled GFP T3 RNAP promoter site to translate GFP BBa_K2084006
pT7 Controlled T3 RNAP Translated by T7 RNAP to create T3 RNAP BBa_K2084007
T3 RNA Polymerase Amplifier T3 promoter and gene BBa_K2084008
pT3 Controlled LacZ LacZ reporter regulated by T3 RNAP BBa_K2084009