Safety practices integrated by our lab

General Lab Safety

All students participated in the university's mandatory lab safety training sessions. Representatives from the Environmental Health and Safety Department held training sessions about biological safety and chemical safety.

In Bloodborne Pathogens Training (slides here), we learned about the hazards of bloodborne pathogens and infected materials. The training also covered appropriate preventive measures, such as personal protective equipment and safe lab practices. We also learned how to act in cases of emergency.

In Chemical Hygiene Training (slides here), we learned how to use safety reference materials. The session also highlighted chemical hazards and precautionary measures to implement to minimize risks. We also learned how to recognize chemical exposure and respond to incidents.

Hazardous Materials

Since we worked on a heavy metal sensor, our later experiments involved lead and thallium. Both lead and thallium are toxic. To prevent exposure to the metals, we kept all equipment under the hood. We also made sure to wear appropriate PPE including safety glasses and gloves.