iGEM Tec CEM 2016 collegiate team had a meetings with members of the iGEM Tec CEM 2016 high school team. The meeting’s objective was to give a deep explanation of what riboswitches are and how they could work as biosensors in order to be applied within Molecular Diagnosis field, also the team gave guidance in the wet lab area.
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A complete mathematical model that predict the rate of production of toxin mRNA and toxin molecules as well as productive cells inside the system of their project was made, Taking in consideration some elements of their project a mathematical model using differential equations was designed to approach the number of viable cells within the toxic environment once the iGEM XMU circuit has been activated.

iGEM Aachen/ Sheffield/ NCTU_Formosa

A video was filmed by different teams to demonstrate that people from all over the world are gathered to work on the same passion that is synthetic biology to contribute with different projects (regardless their approach) to reach a better world and to improve scientific research.
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iGEM Aachen survey

A survey was organized by iGEM Aachen team to compare the knowledge and the experience about genetic engineering in different countries. We strongly participated by answering to 72 surveys applied to mexican people.

iGEM Costa Rica

Several Wet Lab protocols were shared among our teams, promoting and encouraging scientific collaboration among iGEM teams and nations.
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A collaboration in project was made, with information about our proyect and our team, aswell as difusion of the page to help the proyect reach as many public as possible.