Safety regulations are vital in a project that handles microorganisms, iGEM TecCEM team takes very seriously this regulations to ensure the welfare and safety of the team members as well as our classmates and the community.
The laboratory where we worked has a risk 1 classification, According to iGEM safety page and COFEPRIS, Mexican agency that is in charge of regulating a variety of health related topics, a laboratory of risk level 1 can not hold microorganisms that can cause a disease in human beings. We count with Risk 2 laminar flowhoods, where we work with the majority of microorganisms in order to to maintain sterile conditions. Regarding waste material that was in contact with microorganisms, a special treatment is in order, this treatment is provided by a certified company in charge of managing biological wastes. For liquid materials that were in contact with microorganisms, after use, the liquid must be sterilised and disposed. Individual containers are destined for dangerous residues such as polyacrylamide gels, buffers and the disposal of chemicals is based upon their composition. After working with microorganisms the laboratory is cleaned with a 70% ethanol solution.
The laboratory counts with safety normatives such as an Emergency shower/Eyewash used for chemical exposure, special gloves for handling hot and extremely cold materials. Also, we have special regulations in case of fire and a medical service available in the building in case of any accident.
In our About Our Lab, About Our Project, and the Final Safety Form we described completely how we handle chemicals, microorganisms and waste in our laboratory.