Acinetobacter baumannii is a pathogenic and opportunistic bacterium responsible for infections in hospitals amongst patients at ICUs. Nowadays, it has drawn attention due to its ability to acquire resistance to commonly used antimicrobials. This year, iGEM TecCEM 2016 team is developing a novel and specific method to avoid Acinetobacter baumannii proliferation onto nonliving surfaces, through cell wall lysis by formulating a disinfectant driven by endolisins. Its purpose, the sanitization of surgery and nursery equipment as well as potential transmission vector objects.

Our work.


During 2016, the iGEM TEC CEM 2016 team developed several practicals in order to obtain a formulation against Acinetobacter baumannii. To view all the information, click in the button below.
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This BioBrick collection consists of nine parts, several parts of the collection are designed in RFC 25. The collection was optimised for Escherichia coli and complemented with additional Biobricks
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During the summer, the iGEM TEC CEM team hardly worked for the project development. Each week, wet-lab reports were delivered to iGEM instructors in order to have a follow-up of our progress.
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