Improved T4 holin BBa_K112805.

Enabling new possibilities in RFC25.

The BioBrick BBa_K112805 from UC Berkeley 2008, a bacteriophage T4 holin, was adapted to RFC25 to enable new possibilites in our project and future fused protein possibilities. Coupled to B0034, a RBS with a Registry Star, it is designed to make the assembly process easier by removing a cloning step. Also, its design based on the N-part format of RFC25 reduces external amino acid addition due to the BioBrick standard by still being compatible to protein fusion and RFC10 for standard cloning. We recommend its usage with a C-terminal-histidine-tag part, or any purification tag of choice, to allow for easier purification and characterization assays. The improved part can now be found in Parts Registry under BBa_K1904004 and our Parts section.

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