Mathematical Model

The mathematical modelling of the project describes the production of BBa_K1904005 based on gene transcription rates, mRNA stability, translation rates, and protein life inside the cells starting with an inducible lac promoter. The model yields an expression derived from ODEs (ordinary differential equations) that fully describe the protein production as function time.

Enzymatic Model

The enzymatic modelling of the fused endolysin - holin (BBa_K1904005) is based on three main aspects: Michaelis-Menten kinetics, transport phenomena, and a Heavyside function. The model is designed to consider a critical concentration of holins that trigger the disruption of the membrane by forming a hole, thanks to a modified Heavyside function. The change in the membrane allows BBa_K1904005 to reach the peptidoglycan wall, and start the lysis of the cell, described by Michaelis-Menten kinetics. Transport phenomena later describes the diffusion of the protein by Fick’s laws, providing knowledge about the concentration of BBa_K1904005 that can act on the wall.

Formulation Model

BBa_K1904005 is meant to be further tested in real life conditions and eventually become a leading product that can combat Acinetobacter baumanii present in hospitals. A first stage is to use the protein as a surface disinfectant, for which we propose a formulation, in order to guarantee is stability and functionality.