Gold Human Practices

Detection of Acinetobacter baumannii was our main goal, but as we revised our surveys and the actual measure amount of people that self-medicated, we discovered that just detecting A. baumannii was not going to solve the problem. We needed to address the issue directly, by lysing the bacteria and also by making a strong campaign that could decrease the amount of people helping to make resistant strains by self-medicating.

Stands at the Naucalli park

We wanted our project to reach people that does not have specialized scientific background, so we designed several stands across summer and autumn in a public park that helped us to spread information about what Fractos is, its impact on our modern society and why it is important to raise awareness about the self-medication problem. This information was given to parents while their children were enjoying several activities designed by the team.

Don't Hurt Yourself Video

Advertising campaigns are based on the impact that can be generated in the public. A dramatic video with a short storyline was made, in which we made an analogy of self-medication with giving the bullets to your own shooter. By doing this, we hoped our message could really get through people’s conscience about self-medication.
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One of the main problems we detected with our Human Practices campaign was the lack of information about the problem inside our own society. People self-medicate and haven’t developed an actual criteria because they’re blind to the situation. We addressed this problematic by making a short documentary that explained with experts and testimonies about the issue.
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