Silver Human Practices

Trying to involve the community with any project is never easy. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We found ourselves trying to figure out what our first event was going to be about and brainstorm began. There were a lot of great ideas, but some of them represented a bigger challenge. Fortunately, an opportunity to teach kids about resistant bacteria showed up and so our Human Practices campaign began.


A rally for kids was organized in order to teach them in a fun and simple way how bacteria can cause disease in the human body. Throughout five activities and games, children learned how bacteria acquire resistance mechanisms and how the body gets infected.
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Since we wanted to have a closer look to the health habits of the population, the team designed a survey addressed to adults in order to know how susceptible they were to self-medicate and how they influence in future generations to practice such habit.
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Several scientific movies were projected at our University in order to promote the interest of science in the university community and boost up iGEM TecCEM’s team project to the alumni. Activities encouraging the analysis and discussion of the films were performed with the help of the professors of the campus. The activity was quite attractive to the campus community, so a second Biofilms event was executed, with a higher rating of TecCEM community.

Media coverage

An article about our project was published on Tec Review online site, which corresponds to an organization leading magazine and online publications about scientific and investigation discoveries. Tec Review corresponds to Grupo Expansión, which is dedicated to the media field.