Attributions and Acknowledgements



Constructs: Arjun Bhatt, Jack Kwon

Measurement Model: Elynna Chang, Noora Chandasir, David Standeven, Jackson Harris


Arjun Bhatt, Jack Kwon, Sara Cleland, Julia Leveille, Alyssa Franklin, Lauren Hong, Jackson Harris, Kevin Tao, David Standeven

Proof of Concept: Janet Standeven


Design: Neha Balachandran

Design Support: Sara Cleland, Jackson Harris, Arjun Bhatt

Information/Writing: Arjun Bhatt, Jack Kwon, Natalie Shih, Nivi Minjur, Janet Standeven

Pictures/Diagrams: Arjun Bhatt


Spiritwear, Banner, Animations: Elynna Chang

Poster: Alyssa Franklin, Lauren Hong, Julia Leveille, Noora Chandasir

Handouts: Sara Cleland, Lubna Orberger


Atlanta Science Festival: Noor Sohal, Elynna Chang, Neha Balachandran

Building with Biology: Nivi Minjur, Noora Chandasir, David Standeven, Natalie Shih

RESA: Noor Sohal, Neha Balachandran

Next Generation Focus: Neha Balachandran

CHD Walk: Noora Chandasir

Sharon Science Day: Sara Cleland


Presenters: Arjun Bhatt, Neha Balachandran, Elynna Chang

Script/Other Help: Jack Kwon, Lauren Hong, Jackson Harris


General Support

Mark Styczynski: Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology

Monica McNerney: Doctoral Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

Dan Watstein: Doctoral Candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology

2015 Lambert iGEM Seniors: Noor Sohal, Lily Ge, Hanna Minot, Lauren Pan, and Sarah Rupert

Parts Support

Snapgene: Software for sequence analysis

IDT: Synthesis of g blocks

Funding/Materials Support

Lambert High School

National Science Foundation Grant #1254382



Franklin Technologies


Johns Creek Chick fil A

Rosco: Roscolux

Wiki Support

Joel Joseprabu: Wiki Formatting

Balachandran Srinivasan: Wiki Formatting

Outreach Support

Next Generation Focus/ Grace Chapel Hill Church

Atlanta Science Festival

Atlanta Maker Faire

Sharon Elementary School


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