Maker Faire: Building With Biology

The Maker Faire is a two day event where scientists, engineers and other “makers” gather to promote their craft to the public. We partnered with the Atlanta Science Festival in hosting the venue where the public could learn about synthetic biology. Click here to read more...

Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival is an annual event in Georgia where interested people of all ages are able to learn more about science and see how it affects our daily lives. Our iGEM team was chosen to host a Discovery Dialogue discussing genetically modified organisms with the public. Click here to read more...

Regional Education Service Agencies

At RESA, a professional learning agency focused on improving the work of educators, our team met with science educators across the region and held a workshop on synthetic biology. Throughout our presentation, we focused on how teachers could integrate synthetic biology curriculum into high school classrooms. Click here to read more...

Next Generation Focus:

Next Generation Focus is a non-profit organization created to reach out to youth in economically challenged families in our community to provide resources to expand academic and enrichment opportunities. Once a semester, our iGEM team hosts a “Science Day” where we perform hands-on activities with the students to teach them basic science principles. By exposing them to engaging experiments the students do not encounter in the classroom, we hope to spark their interest in science.

Congenital Heart Defect walk:

In the spring, our iGEM team partnered with the Medical Science Academy to host a walk in awareness of Congenital Heart Defect. At the walk, we arranged activities for young children explaining the basics of genetics and the cause of congenital heart defects. Our iGEM team made bracelets with the genetic code for congenital heart defects, creating an easy way for children to understand the concept of single polymorphisms. We also discussed possible gene therapy to cure congenital heart defects.

Sharon Science Days:

Our team regularly hosts science days at a local elementary school to inform and excite the next generation of future scientists. Our iGEM team leads science experiments where we introduce the scientific method to elementary school students and teach them about the importance of polymers in everyday life. These science days are a fun way to involve students and create interest in science at a young age. Our main goal was to educate young students in an interactive way not available to them in the classroom.