Insect Repellent User Survey

  1. Which of the following age brackets do you fall into? (tick only one)
    • Under 22
    • 23-35
    • 36-50
    • Over 50

  2. Where do you live? (tick only one)
    • Around town center
    • Edge of town
    • Urban-rural zone
    • Rural areas

  3. Which types of insect repellent products do you usually use? (tick ALL that apply)
    • Mosquito coil
    • Electric mosquito mat
    • Electric mosquito liquid
    • Insect aerosol spray
    • Insect repellent fragrance
    • Insect repellent strap

  4. Which brands of mosquito repellent you often choose? (tick ALL that apply)
    • Cheerwin
    • ALL OUT
    • Gunner
    • Raid
    • Goldeer
    • Heimaoshen
    • Liushen
    • Longliqi
    • Others

  5. How often would you use mosquito repellent products in mosquito season? (tick only one)
    • Everyday
    • Once every two days
    • Once every three days
    • Once a week
    • Irregular

  6. How many mosquito repellent products would you use throughout a summer on average? (tick only one)
    • less than 1/2 bottle (box)
    • 1/2 bottle (box)
    • 1 bottle (box)
    • 2 bottles (boxes)
    • 3 bottles (boxes)
    • 3 bottles (boxes) or more

  7. Which factors would affect your choice when you buy insect repellent products? (tick from the scale)
    Fully affected Very affected Moderately affected Slightly affected Not at all affected
    Friend's recommendation
    Insect repellent effect
    Odor type

  8. Are there child aged 5 or under, pregnant woman or people over 60 in your family? (tick ALL that apply)
    • Child aged 5 or under
    • Pregnant woman
    • People over 60
    • Child aged 5 or under and Pregnant woman
    • Child aged 5 or under and People over 60
    • Pregnant woman and People over 60
    • None

  9. Do you know that some chemical components of insect repellent may remain in human body and are degraded slowly, accumulated residuals may affect fetal development and children intelligence development? (tick only one)
    • Do not know
    • Heard about it
    • Know
    • Know well

  10. Do you know about pyrethroids, or how does insect repellent work? (tick only one)
    • Do not know
    • Heard about it
    • Know
    • Know well

  11. Did you know that apart from being added to insect repellent products, pyrethroids are widely used pesticides for fruits and vegetables in agricultural production? Do you know that the residues and accumulation of pyrethroids would do harm to the ecology, especially to insects (eg. silkworms, bees) and other aquatic organisms (eg. fish, mussels)? (tick only one)
    • Do not know
    • Heard about it
    • Know
    • Know well

  12. Do you know that the toxicity of 3-PBA and its subsequent degradation products, catechol, is much greater than that of pyrethroid itself, due to the prolonged degradation of pyrethroids in the natural environment? (tick only one)
    • Do not know
    • Heard about it
    • Know
    • Know well