General Safety Matters

Pic.1 General Safety Matters


1.Lab safety

1-1.Laboratory daily etiquette

No matter where we have to show repect to each other. Like removing the glove from your hand when you open the door avoiding staining it. Many details have to be amphasised but hard to list.

1-1-1. Safety training

a).Knowing about the biological safety level and operation
b).Personal protection
c).Declined to away lab products

1-1-2.Safe to use reagents and instruments

a).Reagents:Knowing about the basic information and wearing gloves
b).Instruments:Following the rules of use and power off in time

1-1-3.The cleaning

Keep the surroundings clean, be responsible for health and make things easy for others.

a).Timely cleaning test tubes, cuture dishes and etc.
b).Taking out the garbage in time and marking fragile
c).Air the room regularly

Click here to see our safety training powerpoint.

1-2.Waste disposal

Centralized treatment of waste disposal

2.Project safety

a).Choosing a non-pathogenic chassis

Species Risk Group Risk to human Function
E.Coli DH5α 1 Non pathogenic Amplified strain
E.Coli BL21(DE3) 1 Non pathogenic Expression strain
Sphingobium sp.YBL2 1 Cause inflammation Parent strain
Klebsiella pneumoniae M5a1 2 Acute inflammation of lung Parent strain
Sphingobium wenxiniae JZ-1 1 Cause inflammation Parent strain

b).Using physical-containment strategy to avoid modified organisms escaping

c).Biosafety -- opposite promoter

3.Social survey security

This time our project referred to pesticide application status but it is a sensitive topic. Most relevant organizations were unwilling to give information even sometimes showed their anger. We have to keep ourselves safe in this circumstance. Stop asking the questions and leave in time.