Team:NAU-CHINA/Human Practices

Our human practice this year consists of two parts: In-depth research and Publicity and Education.

Pyrethroids are widely used not only in agricultural production, but also in domestic hygiene. Their long-term accumulation will cause a lot of harmful effects in human body.

The main purpose of our in-depth research is to let more people know pyrethroids and their harm when used improperly, and the correct way to use them, etc. The reason is that though they are widely used in our life, non-professional researchers rarely know and understand the hazards of pyrethroids(prove by our supermarket preliminary research and analysis of the questionnaires).

We not only sent brochures to local residents but also mailed the survey result to some respondents of the previous survey after getting their mail address. We also sent an electronic copy of our brochure to UNICEF. We hope that we can help more people to understand and pay attention to pyrethroids.

We devised a device that can degrade pyrethroid residues in agricultural wastewater. Though it is not perfect and need to be improved in many aspects, we still hope that our project will not only stay in the laboratory, but also be put into practical use, playing a greater role in society.

In publicity and education, we have made presentations on synthetic biology, iGEM competitions and the work carried out by our team to students in high school students, our university and Anhui University of Technology (AHUT). We hope that more people will know us and join us.


  1. Campus talk on iGEM competitions in our university and a local high school. Bring new blood to the team in 2017.
  2. Attended Asia-Pacific Conference, Taiwan.
  3. Joint campus talk with AHUT.
  4. Conducted preliminary research; designed a questionnaire, collected and analyzed the questionnaires, and provided feedback to the respondents.
  5. Designed and distributed the brochures to let more people understand the hazards of pyrethroid products.
  6. Designed a physical device.