We are from Nanjing Agricultural University. NAU-CHINA is our name. Student members come from College of Life Science, College of Agriculture, College of Plant Protection, College of Prataculture Science and College of Engineering. Different experiences make us different, but the same interest brings us together.13 members are 13 sparks, illuminating one goal together.


Jiang Jiandong

Professor JIANG is our PI. His research field is biodegradation of pesticides by microorganisms and the dehalogenation mechanism of halogenated aromatics by aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.

Chen Xi

Professor CHEN is our PI. He put forward some valuable suggestions for our subject, and he is always willing to guide the experiment operation of us.

Yan Xin

Professor YAN helps us to expand our ideas and help us to analyze the project.

Wang Jin

Wang Jin is the manager of our lab. She is such a sweet teacher that make us feel warm.

Yang Bo

Yang Bo is a very kind teacher who cares almost everything about our team construction.

Wang Jufang

Mrs.Wang is such a capable person, not only to guide us in English, also gave us a lot of life experience.

Gu Dongfang

He is a careful and sunny person. His every communication can give us more inspiration.

Sun Zhi

I’m Sun Zhi. I am a junior of NAU. I am very fond of biology, it let me feel the great power of nature.

Ping Xiaofei

My name is Ping Xiaofei, you can call me Malida, I am just the unsettled guy.

Guo Ruixuan

My name is Guo Ruixuan. I like watching movies and sleeping. Always be a smile girl.

Shi Kejian

My name is Shi Kejian. I like conceiting some unpractical and funny things . Dislike hot pepper.Lastly, I am a good person.

Yang Yuwei

My name is Yang Yuwei. I like playing basketball. Sometimes I also playing computer games and learn about the software.

Qin Chenrui

I like travel around the world.Sometimes, I enjoy reading books in tranquil and elegant surroundings.

Chen Xia

I am a sophomore majoring in life sciences. I am involved in construction of parts and the tests of promoter. I do enjoy the process of the experiment with teammates. Outside of the lab, I am interested in neuroscience, classical music and basketball.

He Yuxin

Tasted food and all kinds movies are my favorite. Though,doing experiment in lab is sometimes tired,the humorous experimental partner with similar interests makes my experience in iGEM much more interesting. Always try my best and work hard,life will be like a flower under the sun.

Jiang Zehui

My name is Jiang Zehui, you can call me Lothen. I'm quite a big fan of indie. I can soak myself in music from dawn to dusk if time permits. Besides, I'm fairly keen on baking. Frankly speaking, most of my friends are addicted to the handmade cakes and pizzas baked by me. If there is a chance, I would like to share with you some.

Zhang Peihong

I'd like to take risks, where many interesting new ideas will flash into my mind .Believing that failure is the mother of success, I never dare to challenge myself.

Ruan Kai

Computer games and math used to be my type. Sadly, ´real´ math is far beyond my estimation. Then here comes biology .It's always welcome to have a new start.

Liu Huaming

I always have a keen interest of art,I can play the piano a bit,and I love painting although I can't draw.So I lost myself in the color of Photoshop.

Pang Yu

My name is Pang Yu. I am interested in interior design though my task is designing a purification tank . Movies, games and electronic product are also my favorite.

Wei Xiangning

Love painting, love reading, often very funny. Look,this is me.


Thanks to all the professors and teachers who gave us help and provided us resources.

Shen Zhenguo

Zhao Mingwen

Cui Jin

Li Ate