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Human Practices
Human Practices

As time goes by, synthetic biotechnology rapidly attract people, synthetic biThis re-design of existing natural biological involves the application of engineering principles to biology. This new evolution enables scientists to created new genome for useful purposes. However, people may concern it because of lacking good understanding. Although many people hyped synthetic biology in the past decade, our team would like to introduce the synthetic biological device to the public and expect them to accept the idea.

We believe going beyond the lab is important. So we hope to listen to people's opinions. Therefore, we collected the responses from the students in NCKU by doing questionnaires bout synthetic biotechnology and diabetes. This really helped us to realize what myths and mistakes young people might have about diabetes.

After acting locally in Taiwan, we were eager to interact with other people. Therefore we held an Asia-pacific conference, inviting 20 teams to come and to exchange ideas to think globally. As long as the teams around the world do locally and we, all the iGEM teams, can promote synthetic biotechnology globally.