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Notebook - Model

Input the reaction equation into matlab


Survey the mechanism of how Pl can be regulated by inputted glucose.


Do the theory about how promoter Pl works


Analyze the data of chromoprotein

July 1st week (7/3~7/9)

Find the parameters of U. coli biobricks from other teams (ETHZ and MIT)

Write a matlab code to analyze experimental data automatically

July 2nd week (7/10~7/16)

Make a Gif to explain how our gene circuit regulate to each other and how Pl works.

July 3rd week (7/17~7/23)

Make a tutorial of QT Grace.

Finish the Overview page of modeling.

July 4th week (7/24~7/30)

Built up the matlab code of U. coli gene circuit that can calculate the compound concentration numerically.

Prepare the presentation for Asia-Pacific Conference.

August 1st week (7/31~8/6)

Prepare the presentation for Asia-Pacific Conference

August 2nd week (8/7~8/13)

Asia-Pacific Conference

Start the cooperation with TCU

August 3rd week (8/13~8/20)

Analyze the second experimental data from wet lab.

Finish the page of speed modified system.

August 4rd week (8/21~8/27)

Find out the formula can’t well fit the experimental data.

September 1st week (8/28~9/3)

Correct the old theory model

September 2nd week (9/4~9/10)

Rearrange the structure of the Theory page.

Use the new theory formula to fit the data, discuss about how to decrease the error.

September 3rd week (9/11~9/17)

Fitting the original data with poly2, poly3, and the formula of Blackbody radiation, but everything we tried is failed to correct the error.

Finite differencing explicit methods
Jul. 18/2016

Finished the first edition simulation

Jul. 31/2016

Visualize and optimization

Statistical analysis
Aug. 13/2016

Test the first data and find the suitable model by regression

Aug. 27/2016

Do the whole statistical inference and prediction

Formula Derivation
Jun. 12/2016

Finished the derivation model version.1

Jul. 21/2016

Finished the derivation model version.2

Sep. 03/2016

Finished the derivation model version.3

Data analysis
Apr. 30/2016

Completed the draft of SimBiology in matlab.

Jun. 01/2016

Analyze the first experimental data.

Jul. 06/2016

Finish the analysis code base on the derivation model version.1

Aug. 17/2016

Finish the analysis code base on the derivation model version.2

Sep. 01/2016

Try different fitting methods to low down the error of data.

Sep. 10/2016

Finish the analysis code base on the derivation model version.3

Oct. 02/2016

Finish the program of showing the result that can easily read.