Team:NCKU Tainan/Medal

Judging Medal - iGEM NCKU



1. Register and Attend

As an "undergraduate" and "first" team from southern Taiwan, NCKU Tainan team registered for iGEM 2016 competition.

2. Deliverables

We completed all the deliverables and are going to the iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree. Specific information can be found in Attribution / Parts and Submission / Safety / Judging

3. Attribution

The individual attributions of each team member are well documented in our Attribution Page, For contributions and aid from our mentors and supporters, please see Acknowledgement.

4. Part / Contribution

Our project aims to prevent diabetes by detecting urine glucose in a non-invasive way. The parts that we built are well documented and already submitted.


1. Validated Part / Validated Contribution

We experimentally validated our BioBrick device for Urine Glucose Detection (BBa_K1920001)and Safety (BBa_K1920006). For our Detection (BBa_K1920001) BioBrick part, we characterized the relationship between glucose concentration and induced RFP fluorescent intensity. And for our Safety (BBa_K1920006) BioBrick part we measured the growth curve and performed a CFU assay.

2. Collaboration

we interacted with over ??? other iGEM teams in a variety of activities! And our key contributions to other iGEM teams project are as follows: (1) Collaborating with TCU_Taiwan, we shared the protocol of Glucose-free modified M9 medium for cell culturing and functional experiments (2) Collaborating with TCU_Taiwan, we helped the calculation of Enzyme Kinetics and Promoter Efficiency in the modeling phase. All the details can be found in Collaboration

3. Human Practices

In addition to perfecting our project and preventing diabetes, we held a variety of activities to connect our device, U-KNOW, and iGEM to people (1) We launched videos via social media channels to provide health education and to bust the common myths about diabetes. Also correct information from doctors and specialists were spread through those videos. (2) We held synthetic biology workshops in our university, NCKU, to promote synthetic biology and interdisciplinary cooperation. for further information, please go to Human Practices


1. Integrated Human Practices

This summer we proudly hosted iGEM 2016 Asia-Pacific Conference, gathering over 20 teams, 180 iGEMers, from three different regions. During the conference, all teams and iGEMers had the opportunity to present their own project as well as to realize to others' project. In addition, we invited experts and specialists from the fields of industry and media to share their perspectives from the different aspects. It is also good for us to seek the opportunity for university-industry collaboration. Within these campaigns, a great opportunity was offered for iGEMers to interact with each other, and we received a lot of positive good responses! So our team has not only performed the lab work but also gone beyond the lab.

2. Proof of Concept

To prove that U-KNOW can prevent diabetes by detecting, we performed several Urine Functional Tests. Our Detection Circuit(BBa_K1920001) do differentiate Diabetic urine samples with Control, and the sensitivity can reach 95%, which was already further improved to 100%.

For Safety, we tested our Safety Circuit(BBa_K1920006) and proved that our design can protect U-KNOW users as well as the environment from bacteria contamination.

To know more, please look at Result/Proof

3. Demonstrate Your Work

To bring U-KNOW to the real world condition, we built different versions of device prototypes. We believe welcome you to become a U-KNOW user, "Prevention is better than cure", so easy and early detection by using U-KNOW is helpful for pre-diabetes management. U-KNOW Makes You Know !