21 - The project leaders were elected


1 - First meeting between the project leaders
3 - Project leader meeting with Hugi and Manon from the 2015 team, what is iGEM and how does it work?
6 - Project leader meeting with Felix and Pontus from the 2015 team, how do you interact with potential PIs? What's it like being a project leader?
6 - Application form sent out for the new iGEM 2016 team!
13 - Project leader meeting with Felix and Hugo from the 2015 team, how is iGEM financed? How do you contact companies?
15 - Project leader meeting with Hugi and Sarah from the 2015 team, how do you choose a project? What is the Nordic iGEM Conference?



4 - Deadline for iGEM 2016 team member application
27 - The iGEM 2016 team was set after weeks of interviews


11 - First official meeting with the new iGEM Stockholm 2016 team. A presentation about iGEM was held by the project leaders.
23 - Ellinor and Aliki had the first meeting with Caroline Dahl , an amazing person and mentor for the project leaders and the team. Discussing the different ideas.
24 - Meeting with the team. Brainstorming activities!
25 - Aman and Ellinor had a meeting with the (at that time) program responsible for the Biotechnology program, Andres Veide, to discuss the possibility of KTH sponsorship!
28 - First official "fundraising" meeting. How were we going to raise enough money for this project?


2 - First meeting the association SGEM - Stockholm Genetically Engineered Machine, originally founded by the 2015 team. A new President, Treasurer, and new board members were elected.
3 - Meeting with the whole team, more brainstorming activities! At this point, the ideas were divided into a environmental and a medical area.
4 - Oscar H. and Aliki met with the mentor Caroline Dahl, further discussion about the ideas so far.
6 - The NiC group had the first meeting regarding the Nordic iGEM Conference (NiC) being held in Stockholm this year.
8 - Ellinor and Aman had a meeting with Torbjörn Gräslund, now program responsible for the Biotechnology School, KTH. Discussing sponsorship possibilities.
8 - Ellinor and Oscar H. had a meeting with Johan Rockberg to discuss the possibility of him being our supervisor. We're glad he said yes!
10 - Aman, Aliki, Nicole, Mikael, Reskandi and Oscar H. met to discuss the environmental ideas more specifically
18 - Team meeting regarding the project ideas: time for voting! Our medical idea, SMITe, was initiated here although the project were to be tweaked as time passed.
30 - Ellinor met with My Hedhammar, one of our advisors. Discussing the properties of spider silk and how we could use it in our project. Thanks to her and Spiber, we could actually get a hold of synthetically produced spider silk!
31 - Meeting regarding NiC. Plans were made for accommodation, food and much more.


5 - Ellinor and Oscar H. went to London for the SynBioBeta Conference at Imperial College! They met team members from Team Edinburgh and Team Aachen as well as Randy Rettberg!
9 - iGEM Stockholm had a chance to have a showcase and a poster at the Swedish BioMakers conference! A great opportunity for Sigrun, Reskandi, Betty, Aliki and Nicole to talk about our project and meet interesting people within the Biohacking community.
11 - Aman and Oskar met with Sigma Aldrich to have a small presentation and discuss a sponsorship!
11 - We got a sponsorship deal with Atlas Antibodies!
11 - We got a sponsorship deal with GATC!
13 - Ellinor, Aman, Oscar H., Sigrun, Leo and Linnea met with some team members to discuss both the website and this wiki!
15 - Team after work with beer and food in Stockholm.
19 - Ellinor signed the contract with Atlas Antibodies
21 - First meeting with the supervisors and advisors!
22 - We got a sponsorship deal with SnapGene
25 - Ellinor and Oskar met with Fredrik, one of the project leaders from the iGEM Uppsala team to discuss a collaboration between their association and ours as well as collaboration between the iGEM projects!
26 - Ellinor, Oscar H., Sigrun and Oskar had the first official meeting with Makerspace to discuss how we could help them start a biolab, get permission for Bio Safety Level 1 lab and more.
28 - Oskar and Oscar H. met with R&D Systems and ensured a sponsorship deal!


4 - Team meeting to discuss the project idea further! SMITe was starting to take form.
5 - The team members met with the iGEM 2015 team to have some fun and enjoy a warm Swedish summer night.
6 - Oscar H. and Sigrun met with Makerspace to discuss the work with the biolab.
9 - Meeting with the supervisors!
11 - The NiC group had a meeting regarding the conference. More planning of the Mini-jamboree and the food to be served!
12 - Jenny, Oskar, Oscar F., Leo and Linnea met up to do a voice recording for our crowdfunding campaign video
13 - The team met outside of iGEM, made some dumplings and had a great evening
14 - Ellinor, Oscar H. and Oskar went to Uppsala to meet again with the Uppsala team, have some nice fika and discuss the associations.
23 - Supervisor meeting


3 - Ellinor, Oscar H., Nicole, Reskandi and Betty had a meeting with Marko to discuss his participation on NiC. How could we best mediate the knowledge about the ethics of synthetic biology? Marko knew the answer!
7 - First visit of the beautiful course lab of AlbaNova, KTH. Guna showed us around and went through the safety of the lab.
9 - Our special enzyme Sortase A along with some other materials were handed to us from our advisor Kristina
10 - Aman, Oskar, Nicole and Sigrun got together and did an inventory of the lab.
13 - Max from the iGEM 2015 team had an introduction in the lab and showed us the autoclave, how to make a transformation and where some materials and machine were.
15 - Guna met up with us in the lab to go through the autoclave in detail
16 - The NiC group had a meeting to discuss the things that had to be bought for the conference. After the meeting some of the team members went shopping the whole day; food, drinks and materials.
17 - We got a sponsorship deal with QIAGEN!
17,18,19 - Nordic iGEM Conference! Read more under "Nordic iGEM Conference" in the main menu.
T--Stockholm--2016-10-DSC07459.JPG 20 - Tired after the conference we had a meeting with the supervisors to discuss the lab work so far.
20 - Our first QIAGEN materials arrived to the lab!
21 - Spider silk time! My came by to give us the spider silk material to be used later in the project.
23 - We got a deal with Mölnlycke Healthcare, our generous head sponsors!
28 - The team had a meeting to go through how to design primers. Thanks to SnapGene, this became fairly easy and everyone learned quickly.
30 - We sat down with SnapGene again to simulate our PCR reactions and 3A assemblies!


1 - We had a team meeting where we went through how to analyze sequences that we were going to get for free from GATC!
4 - Meeting with the supervisors. We did have some problems but our supervisors had great solutions!
5 - Ellinor and Oscar H. went to Makerspace to help with some troubleshoting. At this time they had several issues with their Gel electrophoresis procedures. Could we help them?
7 - The team had a small wiki workshop to go through how it works and what it looks like
7 - Aman, Maren, Betty and Reskandi went to visit MTC at Karolinska Institute to have a safety go-through, a safety test and to get access cards to the BSL-II lab where we could grow biofilms!
20 - Oscar H. and Maren organized an open house together with the members at Makerspace! Not only did a lot of different people show up, but the interest was so big that 3 more workshops were planned for the future.
25 - What do you do when the lab is closed? Team building day! The team went to Boda Borg for a real challenge
T--Stockholm--2016-10-Bodaborg.jpg 27 - Leo and Linnea in the team had a workshop in Speculative Design with the team to inspire us to think outside of the box with SMITE


9 - Ellinor signed the contract with Mölnlycke Healthcare!
T--Stockholm--2016-10-MHC logo CMYK.jpg 11 - Wiki meeting to go through the different sections.
16 - Ellinor had a workshop with the team to go through how you can write documents in LaTeX. This is what we used to write our neat lab books.
16 - The team finally took a new group picture after several months!
T--Stockholm--2016-10-Gruppbildlasta.jpg 17 - We got a sponsorship deal with Eppendorf!
23 - Lab was closed so we focused on working on the wiki content
24 - Ellinor had a Skype meeting with Jonas from the school Hyper Island to discuss a possible workshop for students in the Interactive Art & Design program
29 - Registered for the Giant Jamboree! Woop woop!


1 - Team meeting to specify the different responsibilities regarding the wiki work. Now we could start working for real!
7 - Meeting with My, Johan and Kristina to plan further lab work!
15 - Booked flight tickets for everyone
18 - Testing bactericides from SDU on biofilm!
19 - Booked our apartment where we stayed during the Jamboree in Boston!
29 - All materials for the rest of the lab work arrived. Two of the most hectic weeks of our lives just started.
30 - Started planning the presentation, poster and banner for the Jamboree 2016!


1 - Tested our new strategy for the combat proteins, back to the lab again!
2 - Held our first workshop at Makerspace, a big part of our Human Practices work.
6 - Ellinor, Aman, Sigrun and Betty had a meeting regarding the presentation on the jamboree!
7 - Max and Linnea from last year met with Ellinor to discuss how iGEM Stockholm can be promoted in the best way for next year's team.
13 - We got colonies of our Biobrick pSB1C3-T7-Def-LT which means our PCR had worked as it should and we now had a candidate to attach to our silk.
15 - Successful conjugation of defensin to spider silk!
16 - Our internal wiki freeze. By this date the majority of the content was up and ready to be reviewed in detail on the published wiki.


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