Medal Achievements

Giant Jamboree

iGEM Stockholm is very proud to have attended the Giant Jamboree in Boston, USA, in November 2016. It was an amazing and enriching experience for all of us and we had the opportunity to present our poster to many other science and engineering enthusiasts as well as give a presentation on our project.
Our hard work was rewarded - we met all the criteria listed below and received a gold medal. We were also nominated for awards given for 'Best Presentation' and 'Best Education and Public Engagement'!
iGEM has been a fascinating, eye-opening journey for our team and we'll always treasure the memories.

Medal Criteria



Team registration.[✔️]

Team Wiki.[✔️]

Poster and Presentation at the Giant Jamboree.[✔️]

Safety forms.[✔️]

Judging form.[✔️]

Registry Part Pages. [✔️]

Sample Submission.[✔️]

Create a page on your team wiki with clear attribution of each aspect of your project.[✔️]

Document at least one new standard BioBrick Part or device central to your project and submit this part to the iGEM Registry. [✔️]

Submitted parts:
BBa_K2144000 T7-Nuclease
BBa_K2144003 T7-Defensin
BBa_K2144007 T7-Defensin-LT



Experimentally validate that at least one new BB Part or Device of your own design and construction works as expected. Document the characterization of this part in the Main Page section of the Registry entry for that part. [✔️]

Convince the judges you have helped any registered iGEM team from high school, a different track, another university, or another institution in a significant way by, for example, mentoring a new team, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, modeling/simulating their system or helping validate a software/hardware solution to a synbio problem.[✔️]

Human Practices. Demonstrate how your team has identified, investigated and addressed one or more of these issues (ethics, sustainability, social justice, safety, security etc), in the context of your project.[✔️]



Expand on your silver medal activity by demonstrating how you could have integrated the investigated issues into the design and/or execution of your project. [✔️]

Improve the function OR characterization of a previously existing BB Part (created by another team, or by your own team in a previous year of iGEM) and enter this information in the part’s page on the Registry [✔️]

Demonstrate a functional proof of concept of your project. Your proof of concept must consist of a BB device; a single BB part cannot constitute a proof of concept. [✔️]

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