Project: Futuristic ideas

What could SMITe become?

T--Stockholm--2016-10-DSC08828.jpg We have created a futuristic "kit" of what we imagined SMITe could become in the future. We had the opportunity to borrow equipment from Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm where we could film a short movie and take some pictures. The movie stages a doctors appointment at the wound clinic. The patient has a chronic wound on her left leg and the wound is not responding to the usual treatment.

Actors Music Film & Edit
Maren Maanja (Doctor) Oskar Öhman Oscar Frisell
Jenny Waspe (Patient)

The wound seen in this video and photos is not a real wound, it is a prototype used for learning.

T--Stockholm--2016-10-DSC08793.jpg To find more information of how SMITe would work in the future, which type of biofilm it could disperse, it is written in the Safety section. You can access that part of the wiki by pressing here and read the section "A futuristic imagining!".


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