The University of Georgia’s iGEM team has worked very hard over the course of the past summer. We have learned much about the field of synthetic biology and have grown significantly as scientists in our attempt to expand the use of Archaea in the field of Synthetic Biology. This would not have been possible without the contributions of the many people and organizations listed below.

A very special thanks to:

Franklin Microbiology

The first group that we must thank is the University of Georgia Microbiology Department. They have allowed us to use their equipment and provided us with the lab space needed to conduct our experiments. The Microbiology department has also provided us with essential funding to reach our experimental goals, as well as travel to the Jamboree to present our research. In particular, thank you to all graduate students in Dr. William Whitman’s Lab for equipment handling instruction.

UGA Engineering

The College of Engineering also played an instrumental role in our success. The graduates students provided us with much needed guidance that to ensure the success of the modeling project. Moreover, Dr. Yan’s lab was useful because of the state of the art equipment, which we were allowed to use. Finally, we are especially grateful for their financial support, which was used to defray the cost of attending the Jamboree.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the University of Tennessee, Columbia University, University of Nebraska, GENSPACE, Georgia State University, and University of Pittsburg iGEM teams for their participation in our Archeal Interlab Study.

Columbia University
University of Tennessee
University of Nebraska
Columbia University
University of Nebraska
Finally we would like to make to again thank our instructors and advisers for the time and energy they put into the project. We are extremely grateful and feel fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable aid help us complete our project.
Naren Sekar

Dr. Naren Sekar-Lead instructor for metabolic modeling

Zhe Lyu

Dr. Zhe Lyu- Lead instructor for wet lab work in Whitman Lab

Yajun Yan

Dr. Yajun Yan

William Whitman

Dr. William Whitman

Briam Kvitko

Dr. Brian Kvitko

We would like to also thank our sponsors without who we would not have been able to attend the 2016 iGEM Jamboree:

Biochem and Microbiology
Cellular Biology Logo
Vice President of the Office of Research
Franklin College
Small Satellite UGA Research. Special thanks to them for helping us on our wiki!.