Awards and Medals

Bronze Medal Requirements

We qualify for the bronze medal because we have met all of the requirements:

1) We are registered for and will be attending the iGEM Jamboree
2) We have met all of the deliverables from the iGEM HQ Requirements page, which include this project wiki, a poster presentation at the Jamboree, a 20 minute presentation at the Jamboree, a project attributions page, Registry parts pages, sample submissions, the safety form, and the judging form.
3) A complete attributions page
4) A new part contribution

Silver Medal Requirements

We qualify for the silver medal because we have met all of the requirements:

1) We submitted a validated part to the registry
2) We completed collaborationswith the teams from Tufts, Boston University (Hardware), and Boston University (Wet Lab)
3) Completed a Human Practices project to make mammalian synthetic biology more accessible through a parts toolbox and open protocols.

Gold Medal Requirements

We qualify for the gold medal because we have met the following requirements:

1) We completed integrated human practices
2) We optimized an existing part, the serine integrase TP901, for expression in mammalian cells and characterized its activity in mammalian cells.
3) We demonstrated a proof of concept.

Integrated Human Practices Award

We worked closely with experts throughout our project to reach an accurate understanding of endometriosis, as the disease is often misrepresented and much research on endometriosis is incredibly recent. Their expert opinions informed our experimental designs and helped us design a final circuit diagram and potential diagnostic application. More is available on the Integrated Human Practices wiki page.

Basic Parts Collection Award

We created a "starter kit" for novice mammalian synthetic biologists including many of the parts we used in our project this year, and a new pDEST using mCherry, a red fluorescent protein that is visible to the naked eye, as a screening tool. This pDEST can be used as an alternative to the patented pDEST ccDb that iGEM HQ cannot distribute. Our parts collection could be distributed to iGEM teams in future competitions, making mammalian synthetic biology more accessible. The basic parts list can be viewed here

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