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Gas Production · Benchling

Gas Production

Made with Benchling
Project: iGEM 2016
Authors: Taylor Sihavong
Dates: 2016-08-23 to 2016-09-23
Tuesday, 8/23
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii + Soilwater: GR+ Medium + Soil Extract Medium came in the mail
3 glass tubes prepared for algae growth in ~5ml liquid culture
Growth conditions: 20˚C, light from cool-white fluorescent lamps, 3200 lux maximum intensity, 12/12 hr light/dark
1 tube set at 20˚C in light incubator, 2 set at room temp
Thursday, 8/25
Tubes at room temp didn't grow, tube in light incubator had thin layer of alga growing on top of media. All tubes (including original agar tube) set in light incubator at ~21 W/m2
Thursday, 9/1
500ul taken from one of three tubes in the light incubator and put in a flask with BG-11
Media lacks sulfur; is a test for hydrogen production capabilities
Monday, 9/12
Checked flask, full of growth! All good. Gas production should be good to go
Tuesday, 9/20
Flask with BG-11 prepared with water balloon and nozzle up top, left overnight to see if gas production occurred and balloon inflated
Friday, 9/23
Flask is moved to Stanford labs for further testing
When gas in flask is introduced to flame, a pop is heard characteristic of hydrogen gas