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Stanford-Brown 2016

iGEM (InterLab, Cell Competency Kit, BioBrick Characterizations, etc.) · Benchling

iGEM (InterLab, Cell Competency Kit, BioBrick Characterizations, etc.)

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Project: iGEM 2016
Authors: Taylor Sihavong, Charles Gleason, Michael Becich
Dates: 2016-06-16 to 2016-09-06
Thursday, 6/16/16
-Cell competency test done on 3 different DNA concentrations (0.5pg/ul, 10pg/ul, 50pg/ul) with 2 different cell types (T7, 5-alpha)
-Protocol given for the competency test wasn't compatible with T7, but we got colonies on all of our 5-alpha plates (Charlie, Taylor)
Monday, 6/20
-Began InterLab study. Started with the high efficiency transformation protocol for NEB 5-alpha Competent E. Coli. Transformed 5 DNA samples: positive control, negative control, and 3 test devices. (Taylor, Cynthia, Amy)
-Test device 3 was diluted with 100ul DI water with 5ul of DNA taken out
-Plated with 1:4 dilutions
Tuesday, 6/21
-InterLab study results: test device 1 plate had no colonies --> store positive control, negative control, test device 2, test device 3 at -4˚C (Charlie)
-Redo transformation of test device 1 and test device 3
-Test device 1 was diluted with 100ul DI water with 5ul of DNA taken out
-2 plates each, a 4X dilution and a 40X dilution
Tuesday, 6/28
-Team Brainstorming Session: Where are we at and where are we heading?
Thursday, 6/30
-Performed calibration plate readings (2 plates) for interlab study (Taylor S)
-Prepared overnight cultures for interlab study (2 colonies per plate, 5 plates) (Mike)
Friday, 7/1
-Made Terrific Broth (TB, 0.17M KH2PO4, 0.72M K2HPO4) buffer for interlab study, Prepared Interlab Samples for Weekend Storage
Tuesday, 7/5
- Worked on part 2 of Interlab Measurement Study for 6 hours, measured fluorescence after 6 hours with SpectraMax Plus 384
Wednesday, 7/20
37th Anniversary of Putting First Human on the Moon!
Thursday, 7/21
NASA Star Trek Premiere Special Showing!
Jim Head Presentation and Q&A (Mars Climate Change, Psychology of Family of Planets)
Friday, 7/22
Saturday, 7/23
-Hackathon to learn methods for improving website
Tuesday, 9/6
Freeze dried 10 uL of first 8 BioBricks!
1st Submission: rAIP, AE Blue, 1 np Et?, Gb2, c1, c2, c3, cw