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Our this year’s Human Practices sub-project covers manifold activities. In fact, we presented our project at several events to generate public outreach (Techfest Munich, Hackaday, Open day at the university, First year's field trip to Grafrath), we hosted a panel discussion with five leading experts, developed a educational course, created two tech-moral scenarios (Scenario 1, Scenario 2) and conducted numerous interviews with experts from different fields (scientists, medical doctors, technology communicators, and former iGEM participants). Furthermore, we also strived to quantify our results. We therefore developed a survey and a statistical model to identify and analyze the enabling factors for new ventures that originate from the iGEM competition. In addition to that we engaged in a discussion concerning safety issues to meet our responsibility as scientists.

All in all we had an amazing summer with lots of fun, but also lots of hard work. Here we would like to sum up some facts about our work:

Muc16 Facts.png

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