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General part design using RFC[10] & RFC[25]

All of our BioBricks were assembled according to the RFC[10] or RFC[25] standard. For all basic parts the RFC[10] standard was used. Because the RFC[10] scar codes for a stop codon this assembly standard does not allow the generation of fusion proteins. Therefore all fusion proteins were assembled by RFC[25] standard. Thus all RFC[10] and RFC[25] digestion sites were eliminated from the BioBricks either directly when planing the genesynthesis or by quick-change PCR. Only one of the BioBricks which we supply for the community could not be freed from all digestion sites, because one part of the BioBrick

Please take a look at our Basic Parts, Composite Parts and Part collection

Impressions from the packaging

Fig.2 Finally it's done. Ready to send our 2016 BioBricks

After month of cloning we could finally pack and send our 65 BioBricks on Friday the 14th of September. Since we could benefit from the parts former teams submitted we are glad that the teams of future years might benefit from our submissions.



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