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Human Practice


Human practice is an important part of iGEM. This year, we mainly focused on the safety and marketing of our project. We did some survey on hospitals and medical service,from which we found that hospitals in China still had serious problems. We also interviewed some doctors about their perspectives on our project and they thought it was with potential. Besides,through our surveys,we are confirmed that our project is safe enough to be brought to the public.

We started from a questionnaire which inquirs attitude the public towards our project. Most people said they were willing to use it.

Besides, we took part in some activities and meet-ups to make us presented to the public, introducing them about iGEM and out project, and discuss with other teams. Take a look on what we have down on human practice.

Human practice projects

Safety: Safety and security are important parts for a research, especially for our project on the detection of disease. The result show that our product is safe and it can be introduced to the public. See what we have done in Safety page.

  • Laws
  • Risk assessment
  • Interview
  • Lab work safety

Medical service: Medical service and hospitals in China today are facing serious problems and people feel it difficult to get medical help, especially physical tests. On account of this, we came up with our project, hoping to help them get early diagnosis. Follow us to see the current situation of hospitals in China.

  • Current situation of hospitals
  • Current situation of people’s hospitalizing
  • Current situation of medical appliances

Hospital experiencing: We went to some hospitals, both those in large cities and in small towns, to get more detailed look at the conditions and differences between hospitals. We also interviewed some doctors on how they think of our project.

  • Hospitals in cities vs in small towns
  • Random patient interview
  • Doctor’s proposals

Marketing: Being a detecting device, it’s necessary to make it meet the requirement of the market. In this part, we listed some advantages of our project comparing to those domestic diagnosis devices which have already been brought to the market.

  • Advantages of our project
  • Questionnaire

Bioethics: In order to prevent conflict against bioethics, we consulted a professor. It turned out that there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Definition
  • Interview

Outreach: This year our team took part in a series of activities to make us connected with the public. See what activities we have taken part below.

  • Voluntary teaching program in backward areas of Guizhou Province, China
  • Exhibition in Shanghai Science and Technology Hall