Team:SJTU-BioX-Shanghai/Integrated Practices

Integrated Practice


Nowadays health problem is rather severe in China. While cancer has become the disease which causes most people die, medical service has also been facing problems on cost, lacking of resources and doctors. There’s no doubt that early diagnosis plays an important part in cancer treatment. That’s why we come up with our project—designing an individual chassis for domestic early treatment.

The Public’s Attitude

In considering for the potential of our project, we went to three hospitals to see what exactly hospitals are like and how patients regard to medical help today. The result shows that people feel it hard to get medical treatment and hospitals are overcrowded of people. We hope that our project can help improve the situation.

To see if our product would be accepted and commonly used, we started a questionnaire asking the public whether they are willing to use our product if we really produced it. The result is positive. Considering that our chassis would most probably be introduced by doctors to patients, we specially interviewed some doctors about their willing in our questionnaire. Most doctors said they would.


To improve our project, we interviewed two doctors, one from clinical laboratory and another from oncology. During the interview with the doctor from clinical laboratory, we talked mainly on the standard on making our product a real treatment appliance. He said the most important things are veracity and capacity of resisting disturbance. As for the doctor from oncology, we talked mainly on cancer problems and methods which detect cancer, in the hope of developing further application.

We also explored our topics to ethics, safety, environment risks and legal aspects. We interviewed two experts in bioethics and risk assessment to get instructions. We also studied essays and government documents to ensure our project doesn’t conflict to laws.