Hi, every iGEMer's! We are SJTU-BioX-Shanghai 2016 team. As you can see, we have 9 members in total. Although our team members are from four different schools, we all love biology and iGEM very much! We hope we can have a wonderful time with you at Giant Jamboree!


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Yijie Lai
Science and engineering both fascinate me, sometimes a nice paper may keep me excited all the night. This iGEM synthetic biology event at my last year in bachelor leaves my undergrad’s life no pity!

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Xin Zhang
I’m Xin Zhang, a student major in Biomedical Engineering. I love traveling, singing and watching TV series.

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Fei Zhou
I work in Professor Xie’s office for regulation of autophagy.

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Hanwen Xu
Although I'm junior, I began my study in biology only one year ago. Through this contest, I learned a lot of experimental skills and got more familiar with biological research.

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Tianyu Cao
I’m Tianyu Cao, major in Information Enginering which is a part of Electronic Enginering. I want to join my major and Biology together properly to bring a better life to the future world.

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Ruihao Liu
Hi, I am Liu Ruihao, form Biomedical Engineering of SJTU. As a student from Biomedical Engineering, I've always been hoping to invent something new to improve people's health condition and this year. By joining iGEM, I made my first attempt.

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Yucheng Liu
I’m a small small girl who loves music and reading novels in a big big world.

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Yu Shi
I am Yu Shi, I love biology. It is a great pleasure to go to the jamboree in Boston, hope that I can make more friends there!

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Xinyu Wang
I’m a sophomore from Shanghai JiaoTong University, studying biology. I join the team to get more practical experience and insights in different subjects. I learnt lots of knowledge and made many good friends. I believe we can get good result with the efforts of all the team members.



Lin He

Ph.D., Professor, DirectorGenetic biologist, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow of TWAS. Professor and Director of Bio-X Institutes, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Professor and Director of Institutes of Biomedical Scieces, Fudan University. Professor and PI of Shanghai Institute for Nutritional Sciences, SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Gang Ma

Ph.D, Associate Professor, Co-Principal Investigator.


Yushu Wang

The research assistant in Synthetic Biology Lab of Bio-X Institute. Focusing on the gene circuit regulating device development and biofuel biosynthesis pathway modification.



Zhiping Xie

Present Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Life Sciences and Technology, Investigator (PI).Focusing on the Autophagy, a major intracellular degradation pathway critical for the health maintenance of eukaryotes.


Can Yin

I major in bioengineering, but science is much more charming to me than engineering. Although I'm not strong at all, I like playing basketball; although I'm not good at words, I am a poem lover; although I'm afraid of complicated questions, philosophy is my favorite.