Integrative Design of circuit: Pan Chu, Kangjian Hua

Wet Lab


Clone and construction of light-switchable circuit: Boyao Zhang, Jun Li

Data detection on TCS: Boyao Zhang, Jun Li


Clone and construction of motility-relative circuit: Zewen Ding, Wen Wang, Wenqi Huang, Wentao Yu

Figure collection of motility: Zewen Ding, Wenqi Huang, Wen Wang

Design of trial and measurement: Wenqi Huang, Zewen Ding, Wen Wang

Photograph gathering: Wenqi Huang, Zhujun Xia, Qiqi Xiong, Zewen Ding, Wen Wang


Clone and construction of riboswitch circuit: Pan Chu, Boyao Zhang, Luyao Zhang, Anqi Zhou, Wenqi Huang

Quantitative data collection: Pan Chu, Anqi Zhou, Luyao Zhang

Gene knockout

Gene knockout: Boyao Zhang


Safety:Jun Li,Wenqi Huang

Dry lab


Modeling on motility dynamics: Kangjian Hua

Modeling on motility cellular model: Bochen Cheng

Modeling on genetic circuits: Bochen Cheng


Software design: Kangjian Hua, Bochen Cheng

Design on video: Kangjian Hua

Wiki creating: Jing Xiao, Weitong Zhang, Boyao Zhang, Xinran Zhao


Design: Zhihao Li, Yang Bai

Manufacture and welding of PCB: Zhihao Li

Download of SCM: Zhihao Li

Construction of light-switchable device: Zhihao Li, Jun Li, Kangjian Hua

Programming: Yang Bai

Human Practice

Collaboration and communication with other teams: Xinran Zhao, Haimeng Li

Handbook manufacture: all iGEM members

Art Designer

Art Designer:Kening Chen, Tengteng Wang, Ruoqing Chen

Detailed attributions can be found here.


For each parts of experiments, our appreciations are as follow:

Gene knock out

Thanks to Dr. Youming Zhang’s laboratory, Shandong University, for sharing the material and instruction on method.


Thanks to Professor Jin He’s lab, Huazhong Agricultural University, for sharing the material (Gene: pleD, tandem riboswitch; Plasmid: pETb ) and special thanks to Dr. Xinfeng Li, for his proposal of gene circuit assembly.

The paper (Characterization of a natural tripletandem c-di-GMP riboswitch and application of the riboswitch-based dual-fluorescence reporter ) provides the experiment design idea.


Thanks to Dr. Chenli Liu from SIAT CSynBER enerous share(Strain: Escherichia coli MG1655, CL-1), our experiment can process successfully.

We really appreciate your support!