Team experience-sharing with NPU

The HZAU-China helped the newly iGEM team of the Northwestern Pyrotechnical University to complete their team structure and in Wuhan on May,2016. This sharing lasted 3 days and during which we shared different ideas and thoughts with each other,including the whole set of the project ,the human practice part and how to build the team.We discussed how to make the program better and raise the public aware of synthetic biology.

Collaboration with HUST-China

In August,2016 we collaborated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the interlab program, sharing the LUDOX reagent. And in October,we shared our ELIASA with HUST-China due to their equipment failure. Thanks for their freezer dryer!

Deep collaboration with ZJU-iGEM

We shared the HZAU-China Laboratory with Zhejiang University due to the security need during G20 Summit,applying molecular cloning technique,microfluidics testing platform and photocontrol system. Besides ,we guided the design of ZJU-iGEM’s microfluidics equipment. We get the gene knockout plasmid from ZJU-iGEM.

Collaboration with SJTU_software

Our team helped to test SJTU_software’s website created to enhance the communication of iGEM team from all over the world. After a short testing we reply back with a detailed description of the user’s experience and it did help to complement their work.And we will help them with the test of further version of this website.It is also a pleasure for us to help them building such a useful website.

(This is the tutorial of their website.)