Team:HZAU-China/Integrated Practices

This year our project is going to strengthen the bio-pattern formation in augmented reality which means we are trying to make control of the bio-pattern by computer paths and systems. That could be applying to the printing of biology materials, the controlling of embryonic development and the regenerating of tissue and organ,however, we are seeking for chances to collaborate with related enterprises,such as Baofeng company which was a video player technology company in China to provide us the equipment we need. For during the research and observation process of our program, we are planning to bring in the monitoring function of computer in order to get a real time monitoring and adjustment of the bio-pattern which means connect the virtual world with the real cultivate, that's the AR part of our program.

We also interested in how our project will affect the society so we took part in some activities in China including a few meet-up conference and questionnaire surveys. For example:

2016 HUST China cheering up

Our team take part in 2016 iGEM HUST China cheering up in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan this summer. We shared our idea and experience of experiments and mathematical modeling with other iGEMers. There were so many enthusiastic students from the university all over the country. We talked about projects, some difficulties we ever faced during the conference.

2016 STSU CCiC

We are invited to participate in the third CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer's Committee) hosted by SUN YAT-SEN University on September ,2016. In the presentation time, many teams show their project and ideas . In tea break time, we communicated actively with other teams about our project, and received many good advice and suggestions.

By the way, the CCiC means "Central China iGEMers Consortium". It’s origin from the 1st Central China iGEMers' meet up hosted by our team in 2014.

Mini talks with ZJU-iGEM

During the summer vacation ,6 members of our team went to Zhejiang University for a minitype communication.In the meeting we discussed the project and teams of each other. We got some useful feedback for our project ideas , and also some valuable advice about how to successfully plan and execute an iGEM project in general. It was a really inspiring communication that properly kicked off our thinking into human practices.

Our stakeholders participated in our significant decisions by listening to our reports and regular meeting weekly, we adjust our projects by their suggestions and feedback.