The concept of our idea is to strengthen the bio-pattern formation in augmented reality which means we are trying to make control of the bio-pattern by computer paths and systems. Many scientific research teams are trying to verify and understand these theoretical models with the idea of synthetic loop. In the meanwhile, we also considered what bio-pattern formation could be applied for and how bio-pattern formation could influence our lives. Moreover, we did other work to help our project. And we also do some outreach activities to raise public understanding of our project.

One of our most successful educational initiatives this year is that our team wrote and published a handbook which combined the synthetic biology, bioinformatics and molecular biological technology to give the public a better understanding of the synthetic biology and what synthetic biology can do for our life.

Also, we hosted a freshman reception to the college of life, science and technology in Huazhong Agricultural University in which we give a introduction of the bio-pattern formation and synthetic biology.

HZAU-China participate in calculating system biology conference which hosted by the college of science in our school which talked about the bio-power system and the synthetic biology. We host the "One-Thousand Question"program together with the student union of the the college of life, science and technology in our school which is aimed at the communication between the professors and the undergraduate students.

Combining with our program this year(bio-pattern formation in augmented reality),we are looking for a relevant and influential enterprise for further development. We decided to collaborate with Baofeng company which was a video player technology company in China to provide us the equipment we need. And using the impact of the company to present the public the vast amount of possibilities that synthetic biology has to offer to not only the scientific community, but also the public community.

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