The concept of our idea is to strengthen the bio-pattern formation in augmented reality which means we are trying to make control of the bio-pattern by computer paths and systems. The pattern formation has been a significant research field in synthetic biology over the past 50 years,there were several major breakthroughs on the mechanism of the form of biology. Many scientific research teams are trying to verify and understand these theoretical models with the idea of synthetic loop. In the meanwhile, we also considered what bio-pattern formation could be applied for and how bio-pattern formation could influence our lives. Moreover, we did other work to help our project. And we also do some outreach activities to raise public understanding of our project.


In order to use the opportunity of working and learning with students to the maximum, we hosted a freshman reception to the college of life, science and technology in Huazhong Agricultural University. In which we give a introduction of the bio-pattern formation and synthetic biology, we gave a invitation for the students to visit the HZAU-China Laboratory in the same time. And introduced them the handbook we wrote this year.

Public Engagement

HZAU-China took part in calculating system biology conference which hosted by the college of science in Huazhong Agricultural University on March,2016. The conference lasted 3 days and talked about the bio-power system and the synthetic biology. We helped the meeting to conduct smoothly and discussed some topics about synthetic biology and questions of our project this year with the expert and professors who participated the conference.


Our team has always been looking for chances to communicate with various student associations and activities. This year, we host the “One-Thousand Question”program together with the student union of the the college of life, science and technology in Huazhong Agricultural University. “One-Thousand Question” program is aimed at the communication between the professors and the undergraduate students and this is the seventh program carried in the college. During which we talked about the learning methods and how to gain a better understanding of the synthetic biology.


The HZAU-China helped the newly iGEM team of the Northwestern Pyrotechnical University to complete their team structure and in Wuhan on May,2016.In August,2016 we collaborated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the interlab program and shared some equipment. And we also had a deep collaboration with ZJU-iGEM.

Meet up

2016 HUST China cheering up

Our team take part in 2016 iGEM HUST China cheering up in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan this summer. We shared our idea and experience of experiments and mathematical modeling with other iGEMers. There were so many enthusiastic students from the university all over the country. We talked about projects, some difficulties we ever faced during the conference.

2016 STSU CCiC

We are invited to participate in the third CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer's Committee) hosted by SUN YAT-SEN University on September ,2016. In the presentation time, many teams show their project and ideas . In tea break time, we communicated actively with other teams about our project, and received many good advice and suggestions. By the way, the CCiC means “Central China iGEMers Consortium”. It’s origin from the 1st Central China iGEMers' meet up hosted by our team in 2014.

Mini talks with ZJU-iGEM

During the summer vacation ,6 members of our team went to Zhejiang University for a minitype communication.In the meeting we discussed the project and teams of each other. We got some useful feedback for our project ideas , and also some valuable advice about how to successfully plan and execute an iGEM project in general. It was a really inspiring communication that properly kicked off our thinking into human practices.

Enterprise and society

We also seeking for chances to collaborate with enterprises to make our program more meaningful and helpful.