2016 Bio-festival

Figure1. Happy activities in 2016 Bio-festival. Show our posters and game booth.

       We also participated in the 2016 Bio-festival held by the student union of School of Life Science, SYSU and had our own game booth. We designed a darts game to introduce different types of biobricks, where participants can get a souvenir only by shooting the right type. We also made many cards with some simple problems about iGEM competition, recombinase system, brainbow, chasis organisms and synthetic biology on one side and corresponding answers on the other side.

      After encouraging participants to guess and remember the answers, we gave them souvenirs and explained the answers to make the concepts clear to them. Besides, with posters of our project, we introduced the concept, design and values of Cyclebow to those interested in it. The festival lasted for about 6 hours and many passers-by in campus including students from different majors, kids and their parents living around, people working in the campus and visitors participated in our games.

      We are pleased to see that many people show interest in what we showed. We believe that this kind of activity does do something to spread the great idea of synthetic biology.