Catlin, S.N., et al., The replication rate of human hematopoietic stem cells in vivo. Blood, 2011. 117(17): p. 4460-6.

Model Target

      There are two relative independent models building in this section, serving from different purposes.

      Our first model aims to stretch from current experiments to future blueprint. As we can see, the current experimental designs tracks the cell-cycles by pure color expressions. Before any further modification to the pure color experimental model, we need to model the possible strategies that may allow us to see cell cycle with more colors and hence we designed the Cyclebow Hybrid-Color Model.

      Our second model is more concerned about the hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which is a main future application, specifically in their survival status. After HSCs are transplanted into the recipient, they are expected to experience cell division, cell death and cell differentiation into clones that contributes mature blood cells for a finite period of time then exhausts[14]. What we are interested in is how many HSCs can remain in the niche and repopulate. A HSC Cell Survival Model is built upon a related publication and modified to our specific purpose. We have tried both deterministic and stochastic model to simulate the cell survival change, and both indicate similar repopulation pattern.