National Teenager High School Science Camp

(Central China iGEM Consortium)

Figure1. Xinyi Liu was giving a lecture in Teenager High School Science Camp.

       In July 18, 2016, we were honored to give a lecture to the students of National Teenager High School Science Camp as invited speakers. The National Teenager High School Science Camp aims to make full use of the resources of universities in China to cultivate the science-related ability of teenagers. More than 10,000 students attended in this camp every year, with alternative holding universities throughout the country. Sun Yat-Sen University is always one of the holding universities.

      This year, more than 70 high school students from 7 provinces (Guangdong, Hubei, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan and Chongqing) came to SYSU. We first used the metaphor of toy bricks to make the concept of standardization clear to the teenagers. After briefly introducing iGEM competition and our team SYSU-CHINA, we mainly talked about the concept, design and values of our project Cyclebow. Finally, we said something about “How to be a good iGEMer” to give advises to those interested in synthetic biology. The teenagers present for the lecture showed huge interest to what we talked about. Some of them asked very good questions and showed friendly attitudes to this frontier of science.

      Frankly speaking, we believe it worthwhile to participate in such an education activity and bring more students to the wonderful world of synthetic biology.This was a big success and we would like to continue such kind of human practice in the future.