Lab notes

  • 2015.12.08-2.19

    We summarized ... and discussed ..., and researched ...

    We summarized the experiences of iGEM in 2015 and discussed the new ideas together, and researched on many papers.

  • 2016.2.20-3.14

    We decided...

    We decided on CYCLEBOW as our project.

  • 2016.3.15-4.05

    We designed...

    We initially designed the experimental plans.

  • 2016.4.06

    We delivered...

    We delivered our opening report to our program instructors.

  • 2016.4.07-5.31

    We prepared

    We prepared the basic parts and cultured the cells.

  • 2016.6.01-6.22

    We exchanged...We obtained...We tested...We discussed and worked...

    We exchanged the promoters of our expression vectors into G1 promoters.
    We obtained our first circuit (STARTER CIRCUIT).
    We successfully tested the G1 promoters in cells.
    We discussed and worked on our model.

  • 2016.6.23-6.30

    We obtained...We confirmed...We obtained...

    We obtained SNAP-UNIT.
    We confirmed the cell cycle of A549, MCF-7 and Hela.
    We obtained VIKA-UNIT and mCHERRY-UNIT.

  • 2016.7.01-7.30

    We obtained...We obtained...

    We obtained our second circuit (COUNTER CIRCUIT).
    We successfully obtained inducible tet-cre (STARTER CIRCUIT) cell lines of A549, MCF-7 and Hela.

  • 2016.8.01-8.31

    We obtained...We began...We obtained...We conducted...

    We obtained our third circuit (REPORTER CIRCUIT).
    We began constructing Biobricks of pSB1C3 backbones.
    We successfully obtained cell lines of A549 and Hela that contained both the STARTER CIRCUIT and REPORTER CIRCUIT.
    We conducted the Interlab study.

  • 2016.9.01-9.30

    We confirmed...We obtained...We started...

    We confirmed the expression of genes regulated by G1 promoters were strictly limited in G1/S stage.
    We obtained A549 and Hela that contained the STARTER CIRCUIT and the REPORTER CIRCUIT.
    We started paperworks of our WIKI.

  • 2016.10.1-10.19

    We sailed...We obtained...We tried...We finished...We Began...

    We sailed our BioBricks for this year.
    We obtained A549 that contained all three circuits.
    We tried to carry out the system test.
    We finished our WIKI.
    We began our presentation and poster preparations.

CCiC notes

       From September 2rd to 4th, jointly organized by iGEM-SYSU-CHINA and iGEM-SYSU-Software, Sun Yat-sen University Central China iGEM Consortium was solemnly held in Hedanqing Lecture Hall. 28 iGEM teams across the country and couples of professors from School of Life sciences for a total of 230 people participated in this consortium. And here are the steps that we have taken :

  • 2016.4.1-4.10

    We discussed...and decided...

    We discussed the issue CCiC with Peking-iGEM and decided to prepare for it.

  • 2016.4.10-4.30

    We designed and planed...and applied...

    We designed and planed the activity initially and applied to Sun Yat-sen University.

  • 2016.4.30-5.15

    We sent...and collected...

    We sent emails including basic information of CCiC and formal invitation letter to all the teams of China and collected their applications.

  • 2016.5.15-6.15

    We wrote...and recruited...

    We wrote specific schemes and recruited 20 volunteers for the activity.

  • 2016.6.15-7.15

    We contacted...

    We contacted with many dealers to make sure the material sources were ready (including food, water, propaganda, photography and so on).

  • 2016.7.15-8.10

    We collected...

    We collected the detailed information of the applied teams (including project description, presentation, team logo, team introduction and team contact).

  • 2016.8.10-8.30

    We prepared

    We prepared all the materials used in the meeting.

  • 2016.8.31-9.1

    We rehearsed

    We rehearsed all the procedures few times in meeting hall.

  • 2016.9.2-9.4

    We held the CCiC !!!