Team members


      We are SYSU-CHINA, a warm family consisting of members expertizing in various fields. We worked together for almost a year to achieve what we are longing to, to realize our CYCLEBOW. During the last few years, we have good performance in iGEM and, in 2016, “May the force be with us”.

2011 bronze medal
2012 silver medal
2013 gold medal
         Best model
         Best New BioBrick Part, Natural, Asia, Overgrad
2013 Best Wiki, Overgrad
         Finalist, overgrad
2014 bronze medal
         Best New Composite Part, Undergrad
2015 gold medal

Member Introduction

Chunyang Ni Chunyang Ni

Team leader who proposed the Cyclebow system.

Qianbin Zhang Qianbin Zhang

Third year with iGEM in the team of SYSU-China. This year the team leader in charge of experiments and paperwork.

Lizhen Ma Lizhen Ma

Hi, I am Mary Jane. I am looking forward to iGEM and I think I will absolutely enjoy the shows. Hope we can gain a happy ending!

Di'ao Liu Di'ao Liu

Undergraduate, Life Science School, Yat-sen School, Sun Yat-sen University.

Xinyi Liu Xinyi Liu

A junior student majoring in biological science at Sun Yat-Sen University.

Xiangyue Hu Xiangyue Hu

A senior student majoring in Biological Science at School of Life Sciences, SYSU.

Xichen Nie Xichen Nie

A senior majoring in biological science at Sun-Yat Sen University.

Xiaowen Mao Xiaowen Mao

Hi! I am Xiaowen Mao, a freshman student from School of Life Science, Sun Yat-sen University. I consider iGEM as a great opportunity to practice my experimental skills and I have a great time in the lab with my teammates. This is a wonderful experience I will never forget!

Tao Yu Tao Yu

Hi! I am Yu Tao, a freshman student from Sun Yat-sen University. Entering for iGEM is a wonderful beginning of my college life!

Ancheng Deng Ancheng Deng

A senior majoring in biology and statistics at SYSU. My interests lies in biostatistics theory, bioinformatics application as well as mathemetical models. I'm doing my best to understand the world using the language of math and effective visualization.

Zhurun Chen Zhurun Chen

I am a college junior student majoring in software engineering.

Qi Yu Qi Yu

I major in mathematics and statistics. My research interest is biostatistics which includes precision medicine and image analysis.

Wenli Chen Wenli Chen

I study in School Of Communication and Design.


Junjiu Huang Junjiu Huang

Dr. Junjiu Huang is our instructor. He is the professor of Stem Cell and Functional Genomics Laboratory, School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University. He got his BSc in biochemistry in 2004 and his Ph.D in cell biology in 2009 from Sun Yat-sen University. A major area of his interest is how stem cells keep themselves renewal and what factors can induce stem cells differentiation specially. Last year, he was elected the Nature 2015 the world's ten largest scientific figure.

Feng Liu Feng Liu

Dr. Feng Liu is our vice instructor, an Assistant Professor of “100 Top Talents Program”, School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University. Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular biology at Peking University, China and further got postdoc training in Neurosciences at University of California, San Francisco. Research interest: molecular mechanism of organismal aging and cellular senescence.

Yan Zhang Yan Zhang

Professor Yan Zhang is our instructor and fund supporter. Obtained her Ph.D from Hiroshima University, she was appointed Professor in Sun Yat-sen University in 2007 and is the group leader of cancer and stem cell biology. Her research interests are focused on cancer stem cells (CSC) and stem cells, including investigation of CSC biological characteristics, screening key molecules and signaling pathways regulating CSC differentiation or trans-differentiation. Her kind help lays the foundation of our whole project.