Project Safety

     In our project design, no part with safety flag is involved. Either combined or individual, our parts and systems have no toxic or virulence effects.

     E.coli DH5α and DB 3.1 from Risk Group 1 are used for molecular cloning, and human cell line A- 549, MCF-7,Hela and hMSC from Risk Group 2 are used as biological chassis. Beyond that, no Risk Group 3 or 4 organisms are involved in our project.

     Our project is for research use only and therefore doesn't include releasing into human body or the environment.

Lab Safety

     The whole project is completed in BSL-2 laboratory equipped with sink, eyewash and emergency shower. Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is used during operation of organisms.

     Stable transfection is conducted via Lentivirus from Risk Group 2.

     To protect lab personnel from infection and other hazards, our team members are trained with lab procedures and always wear laboratory gowns, gloves and masks during operation.

     The GMOs and their products are strictly preserved in lab environment, and all lab wastes are stored in enclosed container and sterilized based on instruction in lab biosafety manual before disposal.

Shipping Safety

     None of the parts submitted are from organisms on Australia Group List and U. S. Select Agents and Toxins List.

     Stable transfection is conducted via Lentivirus from Risk Group 2.

     As instructed on iGEM website, plasmids submitted are dried down and sealed with adhesive foil, and plates are covered by plastic lid and clearly labelled as DNA without disguise.